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And... We're Live!

Manifest the RPG has just been released into the wilds of Kickstarter. Tommy and I have been working on bringing this project to life for so long we can hardly believe that we're finally here!

We've done everything in our power to give Manifest and the Kickstarter the best possible chance to succeed, and now it's up to you!

Our goal of $20,000 is nothing to blink at, we know, but we weren't satisfied with the idea of bringing our game to market at a lower quality than it deserves. We genuinely believe that Manifest can stand the test of time, and we look forward to releasing the many books, campaigns, and supplemental materials we have queued up, once the campaign is fully funded.

There just aren't enough variations on the words thrilled to express just how we feel. Thank you so much for supporting us, and we look forward to sharing our successful Kickstarter campaign with you!

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